Deploy Multiplayer Servers In Minutes

Ready to serve hundreds and thousands of CCU. No ops required.

Client-side SDKs available for major platforms:

> Create your server
$ npm create colyseus-app my-server

> Enter server folder
$ cd my-server

> Deploy it!
$ npx @colyseus/cloud deploy

Meet Colyseus

A developer-friendly Multiplayer Framework for Node.js.

  • Leverage the ever-growing JavaScript ecosystem.

  • Automatic state synchronization with delta encoding.

  • Match-make clients into game rooms on demand.

  • An authoritative server to prevent hacks on the client.

  • Open-source, under the most permissive MIT License.

(Endel's talk for JS GameDev Summit 2022 organized by GitNation)


A collection of multiplayer games made by happy developers.

Support Colyseus

A picture of Endel doing serious stuff Hi, I'm Endel! 馃憢

I created and maintain Colyseus and its official client-side SDKs.

If you're using Colyseus and finding it helpful I'd like to invite you to consider sponsoring the project.

Sponsoring ensures that Colyseus stays healthy and actively maintained.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon!

If you are not comfortable with recurring pledges,
you can make a one-off donation via PayPal 鉂わ笍

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